Flash Site Designing:

Flash WebSite Designing

Flash renders magical effect to your web site. It increases the appeal to the viewer and makes people compelled to visit the site again and again.
You can put 3 Dimensional all round view of your product, illustration and demonstration of usability. Presentation made from flash enables you to demonstrate your products or services to prospects all over the world with the effectiveness of a one-on-one presentation.
We make catalogs too which may be distributed through CD-ROM, DVD-ROM.

This can be a powerful direct marketing tools to be distributed via CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Internet, or email. These highly interactive marketing tools surpass traditional print media by providing a amazing experience that brings your products and services virtually into the hands of the customer.


The purposes for which you can use these presentation

_ Promotions
_ Trade Shows
_ Materials for Sales Representatives
_ Prospect new customers
_ B2B and/or B2C cataloging
_ B2B and/or B2C sales generation

_ Differentiate from competition
_ Segment based targeting
_ Internet Presence.

Benefit of Integration of Flash in your web site:

_ Integration of audio/video provides fully impressive product presentation
_ Full search capabilities and multiple navigation options improves product discovery
_ Fully customizable to include company's own unique look and feel

Cost Savings:
_ Digital format lowers printing and postage cost immediately
_ Low print and postage costs translates to cheaper customer prospecting and re-activation
_ Multiple catalogs distributed for the postage price of one
_ Offline shopping option reduces purchase order errors
_ High resolution imaging and automated shopping reduce product return rates
_ Digital format eliminates destruction or loss of print catalog problems
Ease of Use:
_ Easy to use, spectacular user interface for maximum effectiveness of product presentation
_ Superior imaging quality and feature rich
_ Starts automatically; no installation necessary
_ Cross platform; works on PC and MAC
_ Delivered via CD-ROM/DVD/Internet
_ Internet connectivity not necessary

Limitations of Flash Web Site:

We are here to serve you and along with the advantages we must inform you the disadvantages of Flash sites. Otherwise we are blameworthy of not informing you the truth. Though it has so many advantages there are some disadvantage. The main disadvantage is that
First and foremost flash cannot be read by search engine spiders. They cannot, therefore index a site that is built entirely in flash. This hampers the ranking of the site in the search engine. We recommend instead that if flash animation is used in the development of your website it be embedded within the standard HTML presentation to enhance the site.

Just as it is not recommended that flash be used for your entire site, a flash introduction causes the same difficulty as the only lead into your actual site is also in flash. Flash site works well If you are not concerned with the high ranking in the major search engines or if you have a very wellestablished name and prospective visitor search by your name.

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