Data Entry & Conversion:

Data Entry / Verification:- We provide 99.95% accuracy using different unique methods. Some of them are :-
Double Keying ,
For greater accuracy we follow double Keying procedure. Under this scheme two of our professional Data Entry Operator keys these data simultaneously. Then these two data entered are compared by our Quality Control Professional through Software Simulation. And as two at a time at same place cannot make mistake the discrepance comes out easily and quickly. Then these discrepancies are rectified. Then Quality Control Professional checks for other undetected mistakes. This is the way in which we can provide you 99.95% ( even more) accuracy.

OCR plus Verification ,
Look Up table and proof reading technique ,
Unique 4E4Y Technique.

Through these unique process we make –

E-book Publishing and e-book conversion:

The upcoming evolution in digital publishing digital conversion services from paper to e-book. We also provide PDF conversion service.

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