PDF Conversion:

Now this is the age of file sharing

PDF captures the exact look-and-feel of your actual document, preserving fonts, format, and signatures. Your documents look the same on any PC and over the Internet. They print accurately on any printer.
PDF files can be made searchable. Users can quickly search for text within documents. Bookmarks, hypertext links, and thumbnail views aid in navigating through files. The use of document information fields can assist in quick and easy retrieval.
Many diverse file formats can be converted directly into PDF files. A document containing various formats can be combined into a single PDF file. One PDF file can contain scanned paper, word processing files, spreadsheets, photos, drawings, etc.

PDF File Types

PDF Image Only -- Scanned or converted files are viewed as a picture of the actual document. Although text is not searchable, the use of bookmarks makes document navigation easier. Documents can also be indexed with searchable information fields. PDF Image Only is the most cost-efficient option.
PDF Normal -- Text of the document is fully searchable. This format produces the smallest file size.
PDF Image + Hidden Text -- Creates a combination of the document image with embedded text. The reader sees only the image, never the OCR text. Text is searchable, and minor editing is possible. This format produces the largest file size.
Other PDF Options
Bookmarks -- Section headings and subheadings provide quick access to specific areas of a PDF document. retrieval of chapters, sections, appendices, and illustrations is only a click away.
Hypertext Links -- One-click access to other locations in the same page, same document, or different document. Links between and within documents make navigation effortless. The link can initiate movie clips, PowerPoint presentations, and even the internet to access a website.
Thumbnail Views -- Miniature version of pages can be displayed beside the document. Reader can quickly scan the thumbnail views to find the desired page. A click on the thumbnail brings that page into full view.
Form Templates -- Online forms with check boxes, click buttons, and fill-in text fields for electronic transmittal of form information.
Combined Formats-- Multiple formats combined in a single interactive CD. For example, scanned paper, word processing file, spreadsheets, photos, lab reports, and drawings combined as a single file.
Autorun and Installation-- Want to use a PDF to publish a catalog, or maybe an publication. With our CD-Rom publishing services we can probably publish your documents less than printed material with a higher perceived value.


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