HTML/XML Conversion:

We perform HTML / XML conversion job for delivery through Internet and for electronic distribution by converting your content to structured electronic format like HTML, XML, SGML.

Digital file / formatting / editing:-

With the advancement of software technology. Digital files of different types are also to be upgraded to make them compatible with the upgraded file format.

We perform respective conversion and re-formatting / Editing task at much low rate.

Online Data retrieval / Data capture from Web / Internet research and reporting:-

From given list of web sites we can create a Database of your deserved information, either by online filling of form on your web site or by offline date base creation.
We perform Internet research and reporting service to cater your specific need


Our services includes :

HTML / XML Coding
PDF conversion and Interactive forms.
Form and Insurance Claim Processing.
Scanning / OCR with Editing / Cleanup
Online data retrieval / data capture from web and Internet research.
Data Entry / Keyboarding
Data Conversion Service

Document Coding and Indexing:

We offer a full range of document scanning, data capture, electronic discovery service
Documents are scanned to create the highest quality images e.g. TIFF, PDF, JPG or bitmap. We then code beginning and ending Bates, attachment range, box or source and document ID fields from these scanned images. We also code bibliographic and subjective data to facilitate instant access to documents when required.

Form Entry:

< Manual key entry for health care claims,
< Sales order,
< Surveys.

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