Data Conversion Service:

Data Conversion is becoming a big part of every company's needs, with almost all items of documentation relating to business being internet involved. So the need of Data conversion to electronic document is so important.
At Zigmatech Systems we take all your incoming document and convert them into electronic document.

Using leading-edge technologies and skilled staff, we convert your unstructured data into a variety of useful digital formats:
·MS Word, RTF, TXT, PDF, HTML, SGML, XML, MS Excel, MDB and others as per your requirement

Reasons of importance of Data Conversion are :

• Large volume or bulk of information makes it difficult to manage
• Multiple input formats Multiple destinations
• Inconsistent styles
• Complexity of data

What are the types of conversion:

• From paper to computer
• From audio tape to CD
• From film to digital media
• From blueprints, maps and diagrams to editable, retrievable, shareable data
• From invoices and applications to intelligent systems
• From guarantee cards and contest forms to customer relationship management.

Data Conversion Service provided on the following data source:

• Coupons;
• Contests;
• Sweepstakes entries;
• Warranty forms;
• Information request forms;
• Order forms;
• Refund requests,
• Voter registration records,
• Credit card applications and census forms
• Resumes,
• Insurance forms,
• Tax returns,
• Invoices,
• Resources and supply chain

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